Hi Everybody!

I would like to inform everybody that SEDS UAE will be participating in the International Asteroid Search Campaign after the board exams are over, We will be dividing into 8 groups of 3 members each. Hence, we would require at least 8 laptops. The software, Astrometrica can be easily installed on the laptops. This software will provide image sets for each group. Each image set takes nearly 20 minutes to analyze. I hope we really do well in this campaign!!

I would also like to put forward an idea regarding our activities : We should conduct public seminars that involve people other than our members. This would be an activity of our Outreach program.

Lastly, I would like to bring to your notice that SEDS USA has officially recognized our chapter by putting a flag on its global map (see : http://seds.org/chapters/global-chapters/).

Thank you all for making this possible. Wish you luck for your forthcoming board examinations.