Hi Everybody!

I would like to inform everybody that SEDS UAE will be participating in the International Asteroid Search Campaign after the board exams are over, We will be dividing into 8 groups of 3 members each. Hence, we would require at least 8 laptops. The software, Astrometrica can be easily installed on the laptops. This software will provide image sets for each group. Each image set takes nearly 20 minutes to analyze. I hope we really do well in this campaign!!

I would also like to put forward an idea regarding our activities : We should conduct public seminars that involve people other than our members. This would be an activity of our Outreach program.

Lastly, I would like to bring to your notice that SEDS USA has officially recognized our chapter by putting a flag on its global map (see : http://seds.org/chapters/global-chapters/).

Thank you all for making this possible. Wish you luck for your forthcoming board examinations.

you cant see me

dude i downloaded the software and ran the files
but the imange source ode is saying that
there is and exe problem which means the file is broken or incompletely uploaded


@you can't see me- you will need to make a new folder in the temporary section in the name of the file it denotes missing. Everybody else also faced the same problem. This is happening since the software is not completely compatible with windows vista and 7. If you face any further problems, do not hesitate to contact me.
P.S Please post your name in your comments as it would be easier for us at SEDS Abu Dhabi to help you out.


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